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24/7 Support

The team of International Education Center of Alfred Nobel University is available 24 hours/7 days a week.


We give support upon student’s arrival to Ukraine and during study at Alfred Nobel University in Ukraine:

  • we assist in issuing visa for prospective students,
  • we organize pick-up from national airports of Ukraine,
  • we inform Boarder Service of student’s arrival,
  • we make medical insurance,
  • we take students to the hospitals in case of bad health state,
  • we provide students with accommodation

Our corporate telephone number: + 38 050 460 00 45

Afraid of visa interview?


Here are some main questions for you to be prepared

  1. What do you want to study?
  2. What university do you want to study? >
  3. What city is your university located? >
  4. What is your course duration in Ukraine ?
  5. What are going to Ukraine to study or work ?
  6. When you finish your study in Ukraine are you going back home or stay in Ukraine?
  7. When you finish your courses in Ukraine are you going to study further?
  8. Are you going to Ukraine with your full education fees and accommodation fees?
  9. All your documents that you are taking to Ukraine are they originals?


After receiving the invitation letter, you should immediately contact Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate and submit the following documents:

  • Original Invitation letter
  • Original international passport (valid for one year)
  • Higher Secondary School certificate (for Bachelor programme + translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Bachelor Diploma (for Master programme +translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Master Diploma (for PhD programme +translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Transcripts with grades (for Master and PhD programmes)
  • Birth Certificate (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing physical and mental fitness (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • 3*4 size photos


After receiving student visa type D from Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate, students must inform us about flight details with date and arrival time at least 4-5 days prior to arrival.


One of our representatives shall receive the student at the airport. In case student will not inform us about arrival, he/she will be deported back to homeland.

During revision of Border Service at the airport, the students should know the name of University and its location, explain the purpose of arrival to Ukraine, have the amount of money equal to 4000 dollars and show the original invitation to study.


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