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International Students mobility


“ERASMUS+” and “Semester Abroad” program

Terms and conditions

On participation of students in the international mobility program «Semester abroad» and «Erasmus+» for 2020-2021 academic year


Spring semester: October, each year

Winter semester: April, each year 

For Semester Abroad and Erasmus + Programs, Alfred Nobel University invites students of 2-3 years of study Bachelor degree and 1 years of study Master for "Philology", " Political Science "," Social Pedagogy "," Psychology "," Tourism "," Law "and “Economic” study programs to take part in the competition. The best students will study during the semester at a foreign university.

Terms of the competition

І stage: 

  1. Complete and print out an application form;
  2. Write an essay in English What do you expect from studying abroad, as well as where and how do you plan to apply the results of study? (4000 characters);
  3. Academic records transcript (download example);
  4. Certificate of proficiency in English (download example);
  5. Copy of the passport.

 A full application package is to be submitted to the office 2601 (International Cooperation Department)

ІІ stage: 

The Expert Committee ranges the papers. 

ІІІ stage: 

Selected students are interviewed in English by the Expert Committee.

ІV stage: 

The results of the competition are announced on the official website of the Alfred Nobel University.

V stage: 

Result of competition will be given to the partner HEI.



Mevlana exchange program with University of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman

Terms and conditions

Students of 2-4 courses of Bachelor degree and 1 course of Master degree can take part in an exchange for study programs:

  • Economy
  • Management
  • Philology
  • International relations
  • Computer Science
  • Tourism, Hotel and restaurant business

Requirements for contest participants:

  • grade Point Average for academic performance, not lower than 80 points.
  • B2 Level of English proficiency.
  • absence of academic debts 

The necessary documents must be submitted to the office 2601:

  • participant's application form
  • copy of passport
  • academic records transcript with the data of the average score of academic success (for master's students - a supplement to the diploma for previous education at the level of "bachelor") (download example)
  • English language certificate (download example)

Permanent projects




Terms and conditions

About the program

Zavtra.UA Scholarship Program is the largest private nationwide program to support talented youth in Ukraine, established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in 2006. Its main goal is to promote the formation and strengthening of a new generation of intellectual and business elite of the country.

Fellows are selected annually at an open all-Ukrainian competition. Students of 3-6 full-time courses of Ukrainian higher education institutions are allowed to participate. The main selection criteria are a high level of professional knowledge, leadership skills and communication skills, as well as a desire to contribute to the process of transforming the country.

Competition "Zavtra.UA"

Within the framework of the Zavtra.UA scholarship program, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation searches for, selects and supports gifted and purposeful students of the leading higher education institutions (HEIs) of Ukraine.

The selection of scholarship holders of the program is based on the results of the annual open all-Ukrainian competition. The competition is regulated in accordance with a separate document - the Terms of the competition, which is approved annually.

Documents required for registration:

  • Competitive work (student research) (see Requirements for competitive works).
  • Scanned response of the supervisor (see paragraph 6.2. Terms of the competition).
  • Scanned letter of recommendation in the format specified by the Foundation (see letter of recommendation).
  • Photo of the contestant taken during the last 6 months (high quality portrait photo up to 1.5 MB).

If available:

  • Scanned copy of the document confirming the scientific activity of the contestant (see item 6.5.).
  • Copies of documents confirming the public and social activities of the contestant. (see paragraph 6.6.).
  • Personal information about the program's fellows and their competition entries is posted on the Program's website.



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Additional information and registration

International cooperation department, 2601

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