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Aim, mission, strategy

Alfred Nobel University is one of the leading private educational institutions of the IV level of accreditation in Ukraine. It is committed to enhancing innovative technologies in teaching and it helps to strengthen the country's position in the international arena, which is reflected in its mission.

Mission of the University is to create real academic and scientific values meeting the latest requirements of the 21-century, economic and social dynamic development, European and global integration of Ukraine; to provide students with knowledge and skills to ensure their mobility and competitiveness on the labor market in Ukraine and abroad. 

The mission idea is implemented in the University motto “Education for life, education through life”. 

We provide all those who have chosen our university with the knowledge and skills to be mobile and competitive, both in Ukraine and abroad.

The main policy of our University is geared toward the achievement of our strategic goals and meeting the demands of our clients, who, on the one hand, comprise our students, society and employers and, on the other hand, our staff, sponsors, corporations, educational institutions, suppliers etc.


University Policy

To improve continuously the quality management system of our activities providing:

  • increased competitiveness and sustainability of the university in the educational market;
  • developed research and scientific functions;
  • improved financial performance.

Objectives of the University

  • The objective is to improve the quality management system.
  • To ensure sustained growth of quantitative value indicators, i.e. stimulants of QMS processes of the university, at 5-7% per year through improved monitoring processes.
  • The objective is to reflect the effect of QMS on the competitiveness of the university in the educational market.
  • To improve the competitive position of the university by an average not lower than 15% annually.
  • The objective is to reflect the QMS influence on the stability of the university in the educational market.
  • To ensure the demand for university graduates at a level not lower than 85%.
  • The objective is to reflect the effect of QMS on the development of scientific research.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with the University research and scientific activity at the level of 75%.
  • The objective is to reflect the effect of QMS on the development of innovative work .
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with the innovation activities of the university at a 60% level.
  • The objective is to reflect QMS impact on improved financial performance.
  • To increase financial performance of the university by 5-7% per year due to better management of the financial results.


University Policy

To increase applicants’ and students’ quality of education by the way of improving the procedures for pre-university training, input selection and student motivation to learn.

Objectives of the University

The objective is to improve procedures for pre-university training. To ensure 90% satisfaction level of trainees’ prevocational training due to improvements made in training in accordance with modern requirements for applicants.

The objective is to improve competitive selection of admission procedures. To provide 1%-2% increase in academic performance and quality of students' knowledge as a result of improved admission procedures.

The objective is to create positive student motivation for learning:

To ensure the quality of student knowledge based on the results of interim certifications at not less than 55% of the overall attestation;

To reduce the percentage of underachieving students to an average not higher than 5% in each subject.


University Policy

  • To increase and expand research and innovation functions of the university for attracting additional financial resources;
  • To provide professional education and training for the university faculty and support staff;
  • To improve the educational process and training for highest qualification levels.

Objectives of the University

Research activity objectives:

  • To ensure the volume of research activity to a level of no lower than that of state accreditation;
  • To increase the number of faculty publications in internationally recognized scientific professional journals, by a figure not lower than 10% per year;
  • To increase the level of web-citation of the university employees’ scientific publications by a figure not less than 5% per year.

The objective is to expand the scope of innovation:

  • To increase the number of the university’s innovative projects to 3% per year;
  • To increase the number of patented inventions and utility models by a figure not less than 5% per year;
  • To start systematic work in the direction of protecting the university employees’ intellectual property rights, attracting not less than 20% of the university faculty.

The objective is to attract additional financial resources through research, to provide growth through attracting additional resources from research and development activities at a level of 5% per year.The objective is to improve our staff skills through the development of the university’s postgraduate and doctoral studies; to provide possibility of creative growth and professional development within postgraduate and doctoral studies according to the number of places specified by the department heads of the university.


University Policy

To improve the system of financial security and social protection of the university employees.

Objectives of the University

The objective is to improve the financial security: to ensure employee satisfaction with the university’s system of financial support at a level of 70%.

The objective of social security of the university employees: to assess the individual contribution of each university lecturer in education and the scientific process by taking into account his/her individual rating while calculating the coefficient to the base salary.

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