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The foundation of the library is connected with the history and development of the university itself. Thus our library started its existence in 1993, occupying a modest space in what was then the university’s only teaching building.

President of the university Borys Kholod has always paid close personal attention to this issue. Inspired by his visits to higher educational establishments abroad, he has done his best to create a modern library which meets the demands of our time.

On 15 February 1998 the library was opened on its new premises, equipped with specialized furniture, cupboards, bookshelves, comfortable tables and soft chairs, all for the convenience of our readers.

The library’s functions are directed towards supporting the processes of study and academic research. The library provides a vital informational base, both for the teaching staff and for students.


The content of the library’s resources are essentially oriented towards the requirements of an institution of higher education.

The library’s resources include literature on economics, management, marketing, commodity analysis, law studies, history, sociology, psychology, cultural studies and the linguistics of foreign languages (English, German, French, Polish and Spanish).

The development of today’s information society has put before the staff of the university library the task of reorienting from a strategy of accumulating informational resources towards one of opening up access to information. This involves the computerization of the library in all its departments. Today almost all the functions of the library are computerized thanks to AS “ UFD”.

We devote substantial space to the library, allowing users of to browse the electronic catalogue, order whatever volumes they need, and familiarise themselves with the library’s database and the way it is organized.

The structure of the library consists of a borrowing section ,which is mainly to support the study process, and two specialized reading rooms.

In the borrowing section can be found textbooks of various types and the course requirements for each discipline studied at the university. Students may borrow items for the duration of one term.

In the reading rooms readers can find not only course textbooks but also academic-scientific publications. The reference fund consists of encyclopedias, reference books, foreign language dictionaries and bibliographic guides to a wide range of subjects. Thesis summaries, dissertations, monographs and many more valuable publications, both in Ukrainian and in foreign languages, are available.

Periodicals occupy a considerable part of the library’s fund. For convenience of reference these are collected in a special reading room. The library subscribes to newspapers and journals published in Ukraine and abroad (over 200 titles).

Students visiting the library can receive through electronic media lecture summaries in the disciplines studied at the university. The staff of the university library strive to keep up with developments in electronic media and do their best to make the library accessible, comfortable and fully able to meet the needs of our readers.

The vision of developing a modern university library is the object of our everyday work.

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