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Scientific Research Department

The main objectives of the Scientific Research Department:

  • Structuring and managing scientific research activities of the University;
  • Increasing the level of University scientific performance;
  • Promoting scientific creativity and fostering students and young academics of the University;
  • Raising the level of scientific performance of the University scholars;
  • Joining the international research and academic community.

The main activities of the Scientific Research Department:

  • Coordinating scientific research activities of the University;
  • Holding scientific conferences and trainings as well as other academic events;
  • Supporting Nobel Movement at the University and contributing to it;
  • Encouraging students, young academics and scholars to participate in grant programmes;
  • Ensuring collaborative study with Institute for Social and Economic Research and Pridneprovsky Center for Fundamental and Applied Research;
  • Maintaining Student Academic Society;
  • Supporting the University research processes etc.

Alone Sliusar

Head of the department

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