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Career Centre

Career Centre was established in 2004 to assist students and graduates in their professional growth, career planning, employment, and promoting contacts with companies, agencies, public and the alumni.

For students and graduates

  • We provide an ongoing search for job openings; assist in employment of the university graduates.
  • We hold Career Days, conferences, round tables, seminars and training courses on job search and career growth.
  • We coordinate the activities of the University Alumni Association.
  • We establish and maintain contacts and cooperation with businesses and other organizations.
  • We coordinate the Public Council activities on the University graduates’ professional competence.

We offer

  • assistance in preparing a professional resume;
  • assistance in preparing for interviews, self-presentations, interview with the employer;
  • assistance in personal career planning and job search;
  • establishing and keeping ties with the University Alumni.

For Managers

Our Centre focuses on making direct contacts with students, University alumni and employers. Our students are trained and qualified up to the levels and standards of the international education system. They have profound knowledge in information technology and they are fluent in modern foreign languages.

Dear managers!

You have a unique opportunity to involve our students in your professional training programmes and get highly skilled employees to raise the profitability of your business venture. We are looking forward to your proposals on accepting Alfred Nobel University graduates into your professional training programmes and their further employment.

Fedor Demchenko
tel. +38 (0562) 31–24–56

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Our address: Dnipro, 18 Sicheslavska Naberezhna St., room 2102.


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