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Euro-Integration Movement

The main areas of international cooperation of Alfred Nobel University are:

  • membership of associations recognized by the international community;
  • participation in international projects (university and group);
  • international mobility programmes for lecturers and students;
  • scientific (conferences, seminars, publications, research); academic (foreign languages, study in foreign universities, postgraduate training);
  • social (relationships with NGOs, volunteer projects - environment, charity; cultural and sports (festivals, competitions, contests, performances);
  • professional (training abroad , workshops, round tables);
  • work (helping at international camps, physical labour, lecturing at a partner universities (for our University’s academic staff));
  • international communication activities;
  • participation in informational and other events;
  • inclusion of Alfred Nobel University in international databases of foreign universities and other sources;
  • participation in TV programmes;
  • communications management system;
  • corporate social responsibility as an important part of the University's international image.

The effectiveness of the international activities management of the University depends on a clear definition of objectives, strategies and tactics, its activities, professional experience and, most important of all, clear communication both between the functional units within Alfred Nobel University and between the University and outside institutions.

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