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Alfred Nobel University welcomes all incoming students to take part in the Semester Abroad programme!


1) Check the website to start your process.

2) Read carefully ALL the information concerning visa application on the consulate’s website and follow ALL the instructions.

3) Set a visa appointment with the consulate.

4) Prepare the necessary documents.

5) Submit all the documents including a printed and signed application form and the visa fee. Your visa application is complete. It will take up to 30 days for it to be reviewed.

For more details, please contact the relevant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you require a visa to enter Ukraine you can apply online following the link provided: 


You may check Visa Policy here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Ukraine

Alternatively, upon request (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), you will be sent a Visa Invitation letter which is to be presented during the lodgement of visa application at the relevant Ukrainian visa office overseas nearest to your current place of residence. You will be required to send through a copy of your passport before receiving the Visa Invitation letter.

If you require any help with accommodation, please email us 



Brief information about Dnipro

Dnipro is Ukraine's fourth-largest city, with about one million inhabitants. It stands 391 kilometres (243 mi) southeast of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on the Dnipro River, in the central part of Ukraine. Dnipro is the administrative centre of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. 

The city is built mainly upon both banks of the Dnipro River. Nowadays both the north and south banks play home to a range of industrial enterprises and manufacturing plants. The airport is located about 15 km (9.3 mi) south-east of the city.

The centre of the city is on the right bank which is part of the Dnipro Upland, while the left bank is part of the Dnipro Lowland. The old town is situated atop a hill that is formed as a result of the river's change of course to the south. 

One of the city's streets, Akademik Yavornitskyi Prospekt, links the two major architectural ensembles of the city and constitutes an important thoroughfare through the centre, which along with various suburban radial road systems, provides some of the area's most vital transport links for both suburban and inter-urban travel.

During the summer, Dnipro is very warm (average day temperature in July is 24 to 28 °C (75 to 82 °F), even hot sometimes 32 to 36 °C (90 to 97 °F). Temperatures as high as 36 °C (97 °F) have been recorded in May. 

The city has a variety of theatres and museums of interest to tourists, including the Dmytro Yavornytsky National Historical Museum. There are also several parks, restaurants and beaches.

The Dnipro River keeps the climate mild. It is visible from many points in Dnipro. From any of the three hills in the city, one can see a view of the river, islands, parks, outskirts, river banks and other hills.

Ukrainian Currency:

1 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) = 100 kopiykas

June 2020 National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) rate:

1 USD = 26.7 UAH.

1 Euro = 30.2 UAH.

Time difference to GMT/UTC

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2:00 hours

Time in Kyiv vs Istanbul. Istanbul, Turkey time is 1:00 hour ahead Kyiv, Ukraine


The electric current is 220 volts AC, 50Hz, European and former Soviet Union plugs standards.

Weights and measure: Metric system

Get in

Getting around city:

A typical taxi ride with Uber in the centers costs from 50 UAH to 100 UAH.


Boryspil International Airport (KBP) is a major airport in Eastern Europe, located 36 km south-east from the Kyiv city centre.

How to get to/from the KBP airport:

The journey takes 38 minutes, and the trains (PESA 90-seaters) run roughly 1-2 times per hour. The trains are more comfortable than the bus, with spacious seating and luggage racks inside the train. It provides a predictable schedule as opposite to the bus that may be affected by the typical Kyiv traffic jams. Single ticket costs 80 UAH (~€3) one way, which makes rail the most affordable option to get to the city center.

It's not possible to book the ticket online. Just before leaving the arrival hall of terminal D building the ticket can be purchased from the ticket machines, where you can also check the schedule. There is a 100 meter walk after you exit the airport building to the train platform - follow the signs. The journey ends at the Kyiv main train station (aka Vokzal), that has metro and bus connections, as well as train connections to most Ukrainian cities.

For the return journey from city center to the airport the train leaves from the same place it arrives - platform 14 of the main train station (Vokzal). There is also a designated small waiting lounge directly by the access to platform 14. Tickets can be purchased at one of the ticket machines next to the waiting lounge at platform 14. The ticket machines take card only and no cash. Tickets can be bought with cards or UAH cash at windows 50 and 52 located on the north and south sides of the train station, but leave enough time as the ticket windows take various short breaks throughout the day.

In-between airport and Vokzal stations, the only stop train makes is Darnytsia train station (not to be confused with Darnytsia metro station). In some hours the train gets pretty crowded. So it's the best to check Google Maps app on your phone for a specific departure time to see how crowded it would be, and pick an option that fits you the best.

By bus from terminal D and F

A bus, known as the Sky Bus or 322, operates 24-hour service between each terminal of the airport and the southern side of the Central Railway station (100 ₴ = €3.15, 60 minutes), with a stop at the Kharkivska Metro Station on the Green Line (60 ₴ = €1.90, 30 minutes) from where you may switch to the Metro and get straight to the city center for 8 ₴ (€0.25) (e.g. to Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Lva Tolstoho stations) to omit the traffic jams in the city center. If you alight at the last stop, to get to the metro (Vokzalna station) from the bus stop, enter the railway terminal, follow the bridge over the railway, leave the building, and turn left. There is no sign at the metro entrance, just a small text near the door including word "metro". The bus driver will only accept hryvnias (Ukrainian currency). You simply take your place on the bus and before departure, the bus driver walks around and sells tickets. Actually Google Maps provides some coverage and estimates for the public transportation in Kyiv, you may specify the time of departure as well. Then you may decide what will be the best fit for you, either bus+metro or taxi. The total time from the KBP to the city center by public transportation may be approximately 1 h 10 minutes. While getting back to the airport from the city, if you are catching the bus on the stop near Kharkivska Metro Station (15 - 20 minutes to Airport), some man may approach you and suggest a ride in the car for the same price as the bus (50 ₴ = €1.58). Such "taxi driver" gets 4 passengers into the car. No problem with such way of transportation as well. Please note that there is no currency exchange outlet in the departure area, so consider getting rid of all of your hryvnias prior to arriving at the airport - as it is very hard to exchange this currency outside of Ukraine.


The price to the city center is starting from 300 ₴ ($10). Many locals would get the taxi through the taxi apps. Uber is reliably operating in Kyiv and became very popular among locals and travelers. Another popular alternative is Uklon taxi app. There's no need to exchange money or buy a local sim-card right away since you may use the wifi in the arrivals of the airport. On the other hand, the official taxi service at the exit of KBP airport would typically charge around 580 ₴ ($23) to get to the city center. Unofficial cabs may demand even higher prices, so always arrange the price before you enter their cab and feel free to bargain. Do NOT go with anyone who approaches you offering a taxi while you are inside the airport building; these are many unlicensed touts, and you'll end up paying more or will be asked to repay him at the end of the trip, so be careful! The total time to get to the city center may be approximately 40 minutes but depends on traffic.

Zaporizhzhia International Airport (OZH) is located within the city, 15 km east from center.

How to get to/from the OZH airport:

  • Bus № 4, «Metalurhiv Ave. (Prospekt Metalurhiv) – Airport» (06 a.m till 11 p.m.) 
  • Bus № 35, «Olimpiyska Str. (Komunarskyi district) – Airport » (6 a.m till 7 p.m.) 
  • Bus № 37, «4th Southern District (Chetvertyi Pivdennyi Mikrorayon) – Airport » (6 a.m till 9 p.m.) 

Dnipro International Airport (DNK) is served by both Ukrainian and international airlines. It is located about 15km outside of the city center.


There is an express train "Intercity" running between Kyiv and Dnipro and other trains from Zaporizhzhia as well, which is the fastest and most decent way to get to the Dnipro. You can check its schedule and book tickets on the official Ukrainian public railway transport website.


Main roads in the Dnipro region are in a comparatively good condition. The ugly truth is that people working at bus stations almost all over Ukraine do not have a good command of English at all. If you decide to go by bus, you might face troubles in your journey, as far as not all the buses are well-equipped or correspond to general transportation requirements.

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