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Quality education. European diploma. International recognition

Complex research topics


Research topics

Research advisor

English Philology and Translation Studies

Multicultural aspects of Roman-German philological discourse, teaching issues of translation, foreign languages and literature

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Natalia Zinukova

Information Technologies

Mathematical methods and algorithm in computer modelling tasks

Assoc.Prof. PhD. Yulia Bartashevska

Innovation Management and Financial Analytics

Management and administration in global, social and economic issues

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Hanna Mytrovanova

Innovation Management and Financial Analytics

Theoretical and methodological principles of development and implementation of integrated reporting in the innovative enterprise management system

Prof. Dr. Tetiana Bolgar

 International Marketing

Marketing management of competitiveness at micro-, meso-, macro-level in modern conditions of globalization

Prof. Dr. Iryna Taranenko

Global Economics

Ukraine economy in new geostrategic realia: human, state, society

Prof. Dr. Anatolii Zadoia

Innovative Technologies in Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work

Theoretical and methodical bases of modeling of competence professional education in the context of European integration

Prof. Dr. Natalia Volkova

Psychological support of the individual in the conditions of social tension, ecological crisis and destabilization of social and economic development

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ivan Batrachenko

International Trade and Entrepreneurship

Development and improvement of management mechanisms for the development and competitiveness of enterprises

Prof. Dr. Valentyna Pavlova

Law, Political Science and International Relations

Theoretical and methodological principles of development and implementation of approaches to the analysis of political conflicts and crises in modern Ukraine and the world

Prof. Dr. Halyna Shchedrova

Law, Political Science and International Relations

The main directions of modern development of law and the state in Ukraine

Prof. PhD. Veronika Shkabaro

Applied English Linguistics and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

English philological discourse in the context of intercultural communication and theory and methods of teaching foreign languages

Prof. Dr. Oleh Tarnopolskii

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